Village of Volo Contact Information:

Village of Volo ~ A Family Community
500 S. Fish Lake Road
Volo, IL 60073

Office Hours:

8:00 A.M.—4:00 P.M.
Monday through Friday
Telephone:  (847) 740-6982
Fax:  (847) 740-6802

President: Burnell Russell
Village Clerk: Bonnie Rydberg
Trustees: Bruce BuschickStephen HenleyDustin HeuserKurt JohnsonCarol PorterMichael Wagner

Other Contact Information:

Independent Inspections, Ltd.
Contact: Gene Merlock
Phone: 800-422-5220
Fax: 800-422-9680

Notices of Foreclosures and Confirmation Orders should be addressed to:

Michael May, Village Administrator
Village of Volo
500 S. Fish Lake Road
Volo, IL 60073

Village documents available for download:

Village of Volo Building Permit Application
Village of Volo Vacant Property Ordinance
Vacant Structure Registration Form

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