Agendas & Minutes

All Village Board meetings are held at:

Volo Village Hall
500 S. Fish Lake Road
Volo, IL 60073


2014 Village Board (VB)/Committee of the Whole (COW)

Date Agenda (Click to View) Minutes
December 16 (VB)  Agenda
December 16 (COW)  Notice
December 2 (VB)  Agenda
December 2 (COW)  Notice
November 18 (VB)  Agenda  Minutes
November 18 (COW)  Notice
November 4 (VB)  Agenda  Minutes
November 4 (COW)  Agenda
October 21 (VB)  Agenda  Minutes
October 21 (COW)  Notice
October 7 (VB)  Notice
October 7 (COW)  Notice
September 16 (VB)  Agenda  Minutes
September 16 (COW)  Agenda  Minutes
September 2 (VB)  Agenda  Minutes
September 2 (COW)  Notice
August 19 (VB)  Notice
August 19 (COW)  Notice
August 16(VB)  Agenda
August 5 (VB)  Agenda  Minutes
August 5 (COW)  Agenda  Minutes
July 15 (VB) Agenda  Minutes
July 15 (COW)  Notice
July 1 (VB) Agenda  Minutes 
July 1 (COW)  Notice
June 17 (VB) Agenda   Minutes
June 17 (COW)  Notice
June 3 (VB) Agenda  Minutes
June 3 (COW)  Notice
May 20 (VB) Agenda  Minutes
May 20 (COW)  Notice
May 6 (VB)  Agenda  Minutes
May 6 (COW)  Agenda  Minutes
April 22 (VB)  Agenda  Minutes
April 22 (COW)  Notice
April 8 (VB)  Agenda  Minutes
April 8 (COW)  Agenda  Minutes
April 2 (VB)  Agenda  Minutes
March 25 (VB)  Agenda  Minutes
March 25 (COW)  Notice
March 11 (VB)  Agenda  Minutes
March 11 (COW)  Agenda  Minutes
February 25 (VB)  Agenda  Minutes
February 25 (COW)  Agenda  Minutes
February 11 (VB)  Agenda  Minutes
January 28 (VB) Agenda  Minutes
January 14 (VB) Agenda  Minutes

Planning and Zoning Commission

Date Agenda (Click to View)  Minutes
December 9  Notice
November 11  Notice
October 14  Notice
September 9  Notice
August 12  Notice
July 8  Notice
June 10  Agenda
May 13  Notice
April 29  Agenda  Minutes
April 17  Notice
March 20  Notice
February 20  Notice
January 16  Agenda  Minutes



The Village of Volo is subject to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.  Individuals with disabilities who plan to attend this meeting and require certain accommodations to allow them to observe and/or participate in this meeting, or who have questions regarding the accessibility of the meeting or the facilities, are requested to contact the Deputy Village Clerk at (847) 740-6982 promptly to allow the Village of Volo to make reasonable accommodations for those persons.