A Brief History of the Village of Volo

Historic Volo has been populated for at least 160 years. The area was originally named Forksville, but in 1868 the name was changed to Volo. This has always been an active community, with churches, blacksmiths, stores, taverns, a creamery and many residences.

It wasn’t until 1993 that Volo was officially incorporated. The people who called Volo home didn’t want Volo to be absorbed into the surrounding villages.

As the new incorporation grew, it became apparent to the officials that Volo had an opportunity to develop a complete comprehensive plan to serve Volo’s people properly.

It has been a concerted effort by both landowners and residents to produce our comprehensive plan.

The Comprehensive Plan (PDF) has been the guide to several agreements with the Illinois Department of Transportation, Lake County Department of Transportation, the Lake County Board, Forest Preserve Board, Lakes Region Sanitary District and the Village of Fox Lake.

The Agreements have produced the wastewater facilities, potable (drinkable) water facilities, road improvements and a great addition to the Millennium Trail.

The Comprehensive Land Use Plan calls for 50% residential, 40% commercial and 10% open space.


Volo's Logo represents a family community. Our plan for the future should always be directed toward the concept of a family community.

Stephen Henley
Village President